Casino Royale Barcode

What better way of representing our class theme than to create my first Visual Assignment of a barcode that consists of snapshots from the movie Casino Royale (2006) with Secret Agent James Bond? I decided to go with this Visual Assignment because it seemed interesting to me, and could communicate the meanings behind a movie through an abstract visual representation.

The Work Itself:

Casino Royale (2006) Barcode

The above image is a barcode compiled of 897 screencasts of the Casino Royale movie downloaded from the Screenmusings website. The barcodes are in chronological order, and as you can see, the movie starts off in black and white. Pretty cool, huh?

The Story Behind the Story:

So, what thinking is behind this barcode?

I chose to do this assignment because I thought it would be a good representation of a movie in one picture, and what better way to display our classes’ secret agent theme than to squish an action film into a single frame? I also think movie barcodes are interesting in that anyone can interpret their own meaning of it. To me, when I look at this, I can see how this barcode would be an action movie. The areas where there are a lot of colors show that there could be a intense scene with a sequence of events happening. Also, the small areas of red are intriguing to me, and I wonder what those scenes were like.

The context of this barcode would have to be the plot of the movie. Agent 007 goes on his first mission, and ends up playing a detrimental poker game in order to defeat a banker to world terrorism. But what can other bystanders of this barcode make of it, or what story does it tell if they don’t know the context? Lots of movies actually set a color scheme, and color is important in setting the mood according to an article by someone critiquing barcodes from the movie Bambi. So what do these colors portray? For example, black and white in modern films is usually used to focus the attention on an important scene, or is used for flashbacks. Lighter colors can also show that it is daytime and set a happier tone, while darker colors can portray that it is nighttime and set a more depressing tone.

To society, this use of movie barcodes can show a new way of seeing a filmmaker’s vision through the important use of color and what the signify. Other media seem to be big fans of this way of telling stories by visual representation. For example, I have seen websites, tumblr accounts, and even twitter posts of these interesting barcodes.

The Process:

In order to download the plethora of screencasts, I had to first get the Image Downloader plugin for google chrome. This helps you download a ton of items with a click of a button from any website. After I obtained the pictures, I used Zach Whalen’s website, which made creating this masterpiece pretty easy.

Overall, this was an enjoyable Visual Assignment. It was interesting to learn that there are so many ways to think abstractly about topics, and in this case movies. Just simply squishing screencasts together into on frame can mean a lot more than it seems.

Weekly Summary #1

This week, I learned that I had a task at hand… No, not just that I am a senior and must pass all of my classes in order to graduate – I am now a secret agent, and it is my mission to complete this class!

Mission #1 – Accomplish Creating The Introductory Blog Post.

STATUS – Mission Completed.

This mission was on the more difficult and time-consuming side, but the most rewarding. I realized that creating content is harder than it looks, and social media is not for purposes such as posting your brunch or updating your life. There are countless different resources out there to tell stories in more abstract ways, or in our case, digitally!

Below are a few of the platforms that I used to complete my first mission –

First, we completed the SoundCloud haiku. I used this platform in order to convey my story senior in my last semester of college, and how time has truly flown past. This was one of the more difficult tasks to finish because I had to think of ways to express myself without being overly repetitive, as well as take the time to create the haiku.

Next, I posted a message out to twitter, as well as instagram.

These two posts showed my background and love for traveling. I would not have chosen my major, Geography, if it weren’t for the incredible opportunity of travel.

Also, I’m not as frequent of a user of Twitter as I am with Instagram, so this made it easier for me to create a new account and post. Twitter and Instagram are easy to navigate.

Finally, I created a YouTube video introducing myself.

Now, I know this seems amateur in the digital storytelling realm. I found it difficult to be creative with it, but I know I will learn some useful information from this class, and creativity will spark from there.

Mission #2 – Accomplish the Secret Agent Blog Post.

For this blog post, I did some deeper research on the “secret agent” theme. I enjoyed the article by TV Tropes that categorized Spy Fiction into “flavours” of drinks ranging from Martini to Stale Beer.

And there we have it, two big missions completed, as well as my last first semester of college! This week was made a bit easier because I had already made a website for a previous class. I look forward to what other missions are to come.

Secret Agent “ds106”

I enjoy the “secret agent” and “spy fiction” theme of our Digital Storytelling class. When I was younger, I actually wanted to be a secret agent myself. My family I imagined myself becoming a fearless, sneaky, intelligent yet intimidating, undercover agent. Quite like the romanticized version of James Bond, or the “Martini Flavored” type (or flavor) of Spy Fiction as TV Tropes denotes it, but a female version.

Obviously that has not worked out in my favor, because I stuck with Geography and Geographic Information Sciences. This theme for the class will help me live my dream a little.

As a class, I think the theme will allow students to not only create their own secret-agent-identities, but also live on the name of the many famous fictional 0r even the real secret agents through their digital creations.

As for me, I believe that the use of the theme will bring out my creativity, and allow me to have a storyline of the life of my “secret agent”.

This is a fun and exciting theme, therefore it will create a more interesting and interactive environment for me and my classmates.

Introductory Post – Digital Storytelling 106

Hello fellow Digital Storytellers. My name is Lily Van Horn, and below you will see a few social media resources that I have used to tell my own stories digitally. I am quite the amateur when it comes to digital storytelling, but I am looking forward to seeing my progress and learning all there is to know through this online course. I guess you could say the progression of this blog will be my own “digital story”.

SoundCloud Haiku

Below is a short recording is of a haiku I came up with in under five minutes. It is about how time has passed so quickly in my college years, and I am already in my last semester of my senior year. This precious time is becoming very sentimental to me, so I thought creating this haiku and expressing that digitally was a great way to start off this class.